Barber Connect

Sunday 7.00 am we left Barnstaple and traveled to Telford for Barber Connect. ” The worlds largest Barber exhibition”. We arrived just after the opening with a slightly embarrassing entrance to the car park, stalling and bunny hopping my way in after forgetting dad’s ECO DRIVE option !

The international center in Telford is a large venue, holding 2 main stages and hundreds of stalls and small demonstration areas. It was fantastic to see barbers at the top of the industry showing new techniques and styles.

We spent a lot of time watching the different demonstrations and enjoyed learning so much. I also found it fascinating to see the 100’s of products on sale, so many new brands focusing on natural ingredients, or improving the condition of the scalp.

It was great to see the range of tools and equipment available for testing, brands of clippers that I hadn’t heard of before. We were impressed with quite a few but found ourselves drawn back to the Wahl stand, I think we might be tempted to get the cordless options next time our shop ones break.

Scissors were numerous and impossible to chose a favorite, shapes, sizes and colours and styles were endless I never realised how vast the choices and prices could be. The ones in the photo are just under £1,000 !! I think I will stick to the more affordable choices until I am confident I wont drop them.

Massive thank you to Barber Connect for organising such an amazing event I would recommend it to all barbers of any level of skill or experience and particularly apprentices or students, just to open your eyes to the possibilities.

Another massive plus is having witnessed the perfection and the time it takes, I have decided to stop saying to customers that “I will get quicker with practice”.  Turns out Dad is an incredibly fast worker, and I now work at a pretty quick pace, I just need to work on the fine tuning and expanding my repertoire of styles.

Getting home at 9.30 I was feeling very inspired and excited to get back to work.

PS the black face is a new kind of manly face mask ! – do any of you fancy this ??

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