The most interesting part of my day is talking to and meeting so many people, the most anyone is in the chair is about 45 minutes but on average they are there for 20, this is just enough time to get a little insight into their world and lives.

When you sit in the chair and tell me of theBarbers chair jobs you need to get finished in town, the places you have visited, the countries you have seen, how the kids are getting on at school, how your degree is progressing, how to improve my success with tomatoes or advice for life and wonderful walks. I am genuinely fascinated,  every person is unique and their lives so wildly diverse.

I can see how over the years of working in one chair you can feel connected with your customers, dad has seen young children grow up, and had an insight to the ups and downs and the hurdles life throws at us.

I still have to concentrate a lot to ensure it is an even cut and shaped correctly, I know the conversation slips a little particularly when dad is chatting loudly to a regular. But please feel free to tell me your news, I am always interested even if I look distracted. (better to get a good cut than an exciting conversation) hopefully with time I will get better at multi-tasking !


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