Getting my own chair

Barnstaple Barber 3A Bear Street

The chair nearest to the window is Dads, but the other chair is mine.

This might sound silly but I felt an enormous sense of pride when dad told me I had progressed enough to start practicing on customers if they were willing. And I was ready to start working next to him.


We printed out a few signs offering free hair cuts for customers with the trainee barber. Luckily many of you wonderful people were willing and occasionally nervous, taking a seat and describing what you wanted, knowing dad was there to fix any disasters, which so far (touch wood) hasn’t happened. Only being in 3 days a week seemed to make this step very nerve racking, 2 days between picking up scissors is a long time without practice.

A few of you were even lucky enough to experience my shaking hand on the clippers and were good enough to not run out. But the joy of seeing a happy customer impressed by my rookie results was overwhelming. It is still a surprise to me how much pleasure it gives me to make someone smile. My biggest achievement to date is giving a young man a total restyle, giving him advice on how to shape and style it and seeing him walk out with a swagger because he looked “slick”.

two chairs

This stage in my training created many entertaining stories for my friends, of near misses, occasional slips in maintaining conversation, miss understanding of the desired look and re-cutting. So I would like to say THANK YOU, to all the happy people who willingly allowed me to practice, and to my friends and family for the advice on keeping cool.


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