Watching whilst we work

Working with dad has been a sharp learning curve, before I started I assumed it would be pretty easy, men just use clippers and have it short, surely its can’t be that hard?

It turns out that there is a lot more involved that I anticipated, to start with I had to practice holding scissors in what felt like a very cack-handed way, this takes a lot of getting used to despite being naturally cack-handed. After several months of practicing on mannequins out of hours, I then moved into the spare chair and continued training with an audience.

Its been a few years since I had an audience to a skill that is new it is surprisingly off putting particularly with such a joking and entertaining customer base. My lovely dad volunteered to be my first real life model, which I have to say despite taking me nearly an hour I was pretty pleased with myself right up until we sat down for lunch and I could see a crown of “missed” hairs sticking out all over the place.

I stuck to close friends and family for practice for several month and spent a lot of time watching … I realise now that we don’t always think to tell people that I am junior and learning, and I learn such a lot from watching, I am now even advanced enough to know the right questions to ask afterwards, and even a few of the technical terms !

Even though I have learn’t enough to be working alongside dad I know that his extensive experience has a lot to teach me. So I will still be watching between customers, to refine my technique.

Mike Sears barber at work


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